Saturday, January 20, 2007

Toddlermania First Try

Alright friends...I have been pushed and tempted into Toddlermania by our good friend Rachel. I did not do as well as she did, but here is my try anyway.

Like Rachel, I named the tots after neices and nephews. Except Corey and Lisa, they are my own children who have long gone and moved away from home. Heh. Corey looks very much like my son in real life, blonde hair and blue eyes. Of course, Lisa is not really pink. hehehe She is brunette and olive skinned. Hillary Duff is the mom, I had never played her thought this would be a good time to do it. And, Hillary is wearing a shirt made by our very own Lynn on TS2Challenges. The shirt is my Black Widow, Monyette. Let's get started.

Introductions, please:

And of course....

Ms. Hillary Duff. Here she is screaming for help...just a few hours into the first day. Hehehe I used some new skintones I hadn't had a chance to use yet; and a couple of favorites.

Let's look at my layout:

I used the maximum number of potty chairs allowed; 14 of them, and placed them along the walls around the main room. That turned out to be a good idea, there was always one handy when Hillary attempted to potty train. I place each crib in a separate room stocked with one each of all the toddler toys. I placed two refridgerators in the main room to make getting a bottle easier. In the middle of the room was the kitchen island with two bathtubs. The bathroom is in the corner of the room, placing the toilet on an elevated floor with steps leading to it.

The only mistake here really was putting the tubs out in the open. The nanny kept wanting to get in there every time she peed herself, so everyone would go scurrying into the bedrooms. hehehe Nanny wouldn't use the shower.

Here are the pics: LOL


Corey made a beeline for the toilet. Wah, Wah, wah.

Looky! It is the Welcome Wagon making friends with Jo Lynn. Doesn't Uncle Chovie from the TSR Glorious Food Challenge clean up well? With him is Ruby Howdyschell. Her original name was Ruby Widow, yes, one of the daughters of my Black Widow. She married Harvey Howdyschell from my ISBI challenge.

No Larry, even though you have on a Superman outfit, you can't really fly up to the toilet and play. Sorry.

Here is the nanny passing out bottles.

I guess after a while it got to her. She kept falling asleep on her feet. Hillary called her twice, and the second time she just never left. At one point, Hillary did call in a second nanny whilst she slept.

Ashlee, even with all your beauty, you are not allowed to play in the toilet. Nope.

Ewww....the kids loved to play in Nanny pee. Here Hillary finally gets around to cleaning it up.

Errr...noo...there is no power in numbers here. It does not matter how many of you there are. No one will make it to the toilet. Give it up.

Everytime somebody came walking by the house, Hillary would run out there to greet them, hoping to get some help with the kids. Her luck, mean fortune Sims kept walking by who didn't like kids. Gad. Double Mint from the TSR Arts Desire Challenge was awful. The poor babies would beg for attention and he would so NO,

Nanny didn't leave, and got hungry. Finally she did find time to eat.

Awwww....poor Jo Lynn is stuck in the crib. Mamma must be busy.

Picture of the mess. lol Hillary makes best friends with Curtis.

Well, after a while it was time for everybody to grow up. Thank goodness. I rolled aspirations.

Corey to child - 1 charisma, 1 logic

Corey to teen
Aspiration: Knowledge, Mad Scientist. That fits Corey in real life. He has an IQ of 151.

Larry to child - 3 logic points

Larry to teen
Aspiration: Family - Wants to graduate 3 kids from Uni

Curtis to child - 2 logic, 1 charisma

Curtis to teen
Aspiration: Fortune - Wants to become a Business Tycoon

Ashlee to child - 3 logic points

Ashlee to teen
Aspiration: Romance - Wants to become a Hall of Famer

Jo Lynn to child - 2 logic, 1 charisma

Jo Lynn to teen
Aspiration: Knowledge - Wants to become Chief of Staff

Kasey to child - 2 logic, 1 charisma

Kasey to teen
Aspiration: Pleasure - Wants to become a Professional Party Guest

Lisa to child - 3 logic

Lisa to teen
Aspiration: Romance - Wants to become a Celebrity Chef

The kids leaving for school on Thursday morning! Hillary didn't know what to do with herself all day. She called a maid, then went to bed. lol

SCORING: (I sucked)

2. GROW UP WELL - 3 pt each - 21
3. SKILL POINTS 1/2 EA - 10
4. GROWING UP IN PLATINUM - 3 pts ea - 3 (Ashlee)
5. -2 FOR EACH ENERGIZER PAINTING - -6 total (I didn't use that, I just boolpropped)
6. -2 EACH NANNY CALL - -6
7. +1 EACH NANNY PEE - 4
12 -1 EACH TODDLER PASS OUT - -13 (I think, lol)

That is a grand total of *drum roll* -19. lol